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About Yeoman Security

What Yeoman Does


Yeoman Security charts solutions for security designs, processes, and organizations, using my knowledge of IT, business, consulting, management, software development, and Information Assurance. From startups to Fortune 500 companies, the end result is lasting security and value.


Yeoman Security helps business find and resolve security issues, creating security teams, educating developers on secure coding, defining policies for compliance, and matching risk management with practical measures to safeguard data.



Experience That Counts


With over 20 years of experience in IT and Information Security, you get practical solutions to fit your needs.

From experience in telecommunications, aerospace, software development, insurance, and professional services consulting, Yeoman Security drives savvy and strategic solutions across the enterprise.


Utilizing hands-on experience across the entire software development lifecycle, Yeoman builds  software assurance security teams, introduces methodologies that work with existing company processes, and educates developers and executives on reducing security risk.



Software Security


 Risk Management

Data Protection


Building Security & Value

Security challenges are continuing to grow, from the latest hack in the news to introducing new business features, like a mobile app for your customers or using employee devices at work. It includes adapting to new regulations and integrating with partners.


Yeoman Security builds solutions to address today's threats and build in measures that meet the challenges of tomorrow.


Your security solution becomes a practical approach to security, from how to fix existing flaws, to prioritizing risks, to managing practical solutions, and educating your company on how to do business safely.

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